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Can I Make Everything in an Instant Pot?

If you're reading this, chances are you already know what an Instant Pot is. But for those of you who don't, it's basically a pressure cooker that allows you to cook faster and more efficiently.

We got one a couple years ago when they were popular. We have used it since. But when our stove/oven went out a couple months ago, we really put it through its paces. Here are some of the things I learned.

The Instant Pot is a meal prepping machine. It saves time by making cooking quicker; and it helps keep your kitchen clean since there's less mess involved (no more hot oil splattering everywhere). The pot is machine washable. It is large enough to cook foods that you bought in bulk to save money.

Meal prepping with an Instant Pot isn't difficult at all--it just requires some planning ahead of time so that everything comes together smoothly when it's time for cooking.

This thing can handle many foods. To name a few:

  • It is great for meats! You can fry several pounds of ground beef at a time. You can slow cook or pressure cook other cuts. We have done chuck roast, whole chicken and vegetables, even corned beef and Beef bourguignon.

  • It is great for soup! It is hard to derail any diet eating homemade soups. Toss what ever you have leftover in the fridge into the Instant Pot and you are done.

  • It is great for bone broth! Why buy expensive brands at the store when you can make your own. Head up to Snow’s or down to the Framers Market and pick up some bones. Pressure cook and then slow cook to get maximum nutrition. Super easy.

  • It is great for legumes. If these are in your diet, this is the easiest way to prepare them. If you aren't eating legumes now, this may be the safest way to eat them. Pressure cooking a well-soaked legume (especially lentils) may make these foods more tolerable.

  • It is great for eggs! I love eggs but they are always seem like a chore to make. You can hard boil or scramble a ton of eggs in the instant pot to have them meal prepped for the week.

You don't have to go buy one today. But if you have one up on the shelf and never really felt comfortable using it, I recommend putting it on the counter to get jump-started on your meal prep. This machine can make your life easier, so you can save time and money eating healthier every week.


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